Current Date: 10 Dec, 2023
Chinese Couple Sell Their Three Children to Play Video Games
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Chinese Couple Sell Their Three Children to Play Video Games

A young Chinese couple has sold all their three children in exchange for money to play online games at internet cafes.

How important are your children to you? Do you totally love them with the same as you adore an addiction? One Chinese couple demonstrated that it doesn't take much to motivate them to get rid of their children in order to feed their love of gaming.


For the love of their game.

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In a shocking incident that occurred in the nation with the largest population, a young couple decided to sell all three of their children in order to continue playing their favorite video games.

Li Lin and Li Juan were detained for selling their three young children to cover their video game addiction's expenses.

The couple reportedly bartered off their children for cash to pay their gaming bills after they first met as teenagers playing video games at an internet café in 2007.


Because what use are children to a couple of gaming fanatics?

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The incident was first reported by a Chinese newspaper, Sanxiang City News, which was then picked up by ABC News Radio. As the story spread online, many parents around the world expressed their horror and disgust.

The couple first considered selling off their daughter, their second child, in 2009 so they could continue their never-ending video game binges.


They got a total of RMB 3,000 ($500) for her.

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They decided to sell their older child after discovering that selling one child was profitable. Because he was a boy, their firstborn was more valuable, and they received a whopping RMB 30,000 ($4,600) for him.

Li Lin and Li Juan were initially content with the entire sum of money they received in exchange for the sale of their two children. They were able to keep playing the things that gave them the most joy: video games.

So when their third child, another boy, was born, they were even happier. In order to support their gaming addiction, they sold him for an additional RMB 30,000 ($4,600).


Goodbye baby…hello League of Legends!

Source: China Skinny

When Li Lin's mother learned what her son and his girlfriend had been up to, she learned of their evil crimes. She immediately handed them over to the police.

Li Lin and Li Juan provided a terrifying response when asked if they missed their kids in any way:

“We don’t want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money.”

Even more outrageous, they claimed they had no idea they were breaking the law.

Their children would be better off with other people who would love them as their own given the extent of their addiction.