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Grüner See, The Park That Turns Into A Giant Lake Naturally

There is a place in Austria called Grüner See which is a dry park in winter and turns into a 12-meter-deep lake in summer.

Austria is by far one of the most magical European countries, with breathtaking scenery and natural wonders. Aside from its ski resorts and tall mountain peaks, Grüner See, or Green Lake, is a natural treasure found nowhere else in the world.

This lake, located at the foot of the Hochschwab mountains, does not appear to have any special features. During the winter, the water is no deeper than 6 feet. The nearby park is used for hiking. However, as spring approaches, something unbelievable begins to happen.

As the temperature rises, the lake expands and can reach a depth of 40 feet, covering the entire park’s surface. The site becomes a popular summer destination for divers, who can explore the park directly beneath the water. In addition, the grass at the bottom causes the water to turn a bright green. As you dive into the lake, you’ll notice benches, bridges, and trees that form an impressive underwater landscape.

As winter arrives, the lake returns to its 6-foot-deep depth as if nothing had happened. Regardless of the explanation, this location provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Grüner See, Tragöss, Styria, Austria. Photo by Claudia Domenig/Flickr
Photo by Wolf-Ulf Wulfrolf/Flickr
Photo by
Photo by Anton Zach/Flickr
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 Photo by SzaboGyul4/Flickr

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 Photo by SzaboGyul4/Flickr

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