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Woman Breaks Up with Fiancé After Finding Him with Another Girl on Russian Google Maps

In 2013, a woman in Russia caught her boyfriend cheating when she saw his photo with another woman while searching for an address using “street view”

Cheating partners frequently take drastic measures to conceal their adultery from their partners.

But after his fiancée discovered a photo of him with another woman on Russia’s version of Google Maps, this man had no chance of covering up his affair.

Marina Voinova was looking for an address using Yandex Maps’ street view function, which, unlike Google’s version, does not automatically blur recognizable faces.

Woman Breaks Up with Another Girl on Russian Google Maps 1
Heartbroken Marina Voinova spotted her fiance of five years with his arm wrapped around another woman on the street view. Photo Credit: life news

However, she was devastated to see her five-year partner pictured in the street with his arms wrapped around another woman, according to Gawker.

She explained in an interview with that she wanted to look at a picture of a building on a particular street when she noticed a familiar face.

Miss Voinova said: ‘First I thought ‘how could someone look so similar to my Sasha?’

Woman Breaks Up with Another Girl on Russian Google Maps 2
Voinova confronted her fiancé with the incriminating evidence and he came clean about the affair. Photo Credit: life news

‘I looked closer, zoomed in, and confirmed that it was indeed him and her!

‘I’d been thinking for the past two or three months that I shouldn’t find and see that picture.’

‘But it was fate, it had to happen that way,’ she says

Miss Voinova confronted her fiancée with the incriminating evidence, and he confessed to the affair, according to Red Hot Russia.

Miss Voinova was not convinced that her fiance should be given another chance, despite his beg for forgiveness and claims that it was his “stupidity” and not his “love for the other woman.”

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