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Lafayette pizza delivery driver who saved 5 from burning house

Nicholas Bostic a 25-year-old pizza delivery man from Lafayette, Indiana, ran into a burning house to rescue four children, who told him there is one more inside. He ran back inside, he found the six-year-old girl, jumped out of a window, carried her to a cop who captured the moment on his bodycam.

A pizza delivery driver in the small town of Lafayette has won the respect and admiration of the locals for his quick thinking and bravery in the face of a life-threatening circumstance. This article recounts the heroic actions of a pizza delivery driver who saved a family from a burning house. The actions of the driver serve as a reminder of the extraordinary courage that can be found in regular people, from the initial discovery of the fire to the successful rescue of five people. This article examines the terrifying incident, the driver’s selfless actions, the rescue’s aftermath, and the effects it had on the neighborhood and our perception of what it means to be a hero.

Lafayette pizza delivery driver’s heroic act

A “superhero” pizza delivery man from Indiana admitted that he was scared while performing the heroic deed, but persisted in saving five children.

The Lafayette home Nicholas Bostic, 25, said he entered around midnight on July 11 was on fire, but the sight of flames and smoke halfway up the staircase did not stop him from risking his life to save others.

The 18-year-old Seionna Barrett was leading her three younger siblings and one of their friends when the Good Samaritan said he began to worry that he might not be able to climb the stairs to her.

Barrett and three of the kids were taken to safety by the brave delivery man, who was determined to save as many lives as possible. However, Kaylani, also known as “Baby K,” Seionna’s younger sister, was still stranded in the fire upstairs.

Lafayette pizza delivery driver who saved 5 from burning house 2
The courageous delivery man was determined to save as many lives as possible. Photo credit: Twitter / Layafette INPolice

Bostic overcame his fear when he heard Baby K crying and ran to her aid.

The smoke was already halfway up the staircase when I first noticed it. Bostic told Fox News, “I was very scared, but then I started hearing Kaylani’s cries.”

I folded my shirt in half, crossed my arms in front of me, and kept my ears open. When I found her, I carried her up the stairs in my arms, snugly fitting her.

And I did trip on the final step. He continued, “We fell and we got back up.

Then, Bostic assisted Kaylani by breaking her fall with his body as they both leaped out of a window.

At a church service on Saturday, he finally got to see the family for the first time since the terrifying night.

David Barrett, the father of the kids, informed the person who saved his daughters that he is now “officially part of the family.”

Lafayette pizza delivery driver who saved 5 from burning house 1
Bostic finally met the family in their entirety for the first time at a church service on Saturday, where David Barrett told his daughters’ rescuer he is now ‘officially part of the family’. Photo Credit: facebook / Nick Bostic

Bostic had only one worry when he was helped by paramedics outside the burning building.

“Is the infant okay?”First responders were questioned by Bostic, who had suffered severe smoke inhalation.

Millions of Americans have been moved by Bostic’s extraordinary bravery and are in awe of his selflessness.

A GoFundMe to assist the family in replacing their belongings and covering Bostic’s medical expenses raised more than $470,000 after the story received widespread media coverage.

Bostic admitted to Fox that he had never received any training in rescue methods despite being a devoted fan of shows like Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Blue Bloods.

Lafayette pizza delivery driver who saved 5 from burning house 3
Bostic is pictured on a ventilator after suffering severe smoke inhalation in the incredible rescue. Photo Credit: GoFundMe

Saving 5 lives

On July 11, as Bostic was passing through the neighborhood, he noticed the house completely consumed by flames.

He parked outside with the intention of dialing 911, but when he realized he had forgotten his phone at home, he sped inside without thinking about his own safety.

Bostic claimed that through the smoke and flames, he was unable to see or hear anyone and was about to turn around when he noticed the outline of a terrified teen leading a group of kids up the stairs.

Through the fierce fire, he was able to rescue Seionna, Shaylee, 13, Kaleia, 1, and Shaylee’s friend Livian Knifley, 13. Then Seionna informed him that 6-year-old Kaylani was still inside.

Lafayette pizza delivery driver who saved 5 from burning house 4
Police bodycam footage shows the Bostic carrying a child out of the house completely engulfed in flames. Photo credit: Twitter / Layafette INPolice

Bostic took the crying child in his arms while holding his breath. Unable to see anything through the dense black smoke other than a small rectangle of light coming from the upstairs rooms, he then felt his way back up the staircase.

As soon as he got back upstairs, the brave pizza delivery man busted open a window, grabbed the girl by the left side, and leaped into the air, falling two stories and breaking her fall with his own body.

Bostic collapsed shortly after the outrageous rescue, having suffered burns to various parts of his body, smoke inhalation, and a major laceration on his arm from the window break and subsequent fall.

David and Tiera Barrett, the parents of the children, arrived at the scene after receiving a call from Seionna informing them that their house was on fire. The cause of the fire is currently unknown and is being investigated. He was being taken to the hospital when they arrived.

Only Baby K suffered minor injuries from the fall and was treated by emergency personnel on the scene. Meanwhile, four of the five kids miraculously managed to escape the situation unharmed.

Their father reportedly told The Washington Post, “We feel very blessed for what Nick did.”

He is truly a hero, and my daughter is truly a hero for waking the children up. I’d rather not consider what might have happened if Nick hadn’t arrived. I’m so appreciative beyond words.

In the meantime, Lt. Randy Sherer of the Lafayette Police Department said: “[Bostic’s] selflessness during this incident is inspiring.” He is unaware that his actions were extraordinary rather than ordinary.

When he had just thought it was impossible, he descended those stairs to save that little girl. There is only one way to describe that: heroic and courageous.

The aftermath: Recognition and appreciation for the driver’s heroism

It was time to take a break after the heart-pounding rescue effort and realize the seriousness of the situation. The five people who were rescued from the burning house were quick to thank their hero, the Lafayette pizza delivery man, in the most sincere terms possible. They hugged the driver and repeatedly thanked him for his bravery and quick actions as tears of relief streamed down their faces.

The heroic pizza delivery driver’s story quickly became known throughout the Lafayette neighborhood. Local media outlets were immediately interested in the selfless act of this regular person doing something extraordinary, and they wasted no time in covering the story. Such headlines as “Pizza Delivery Driver Turns Guardian Angel” and “Cheese, Sauce, and Heroism” – All Delivered in One Box” dominated the news cycle.

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