When Boredom Strikes

A man who was saved from committing suicide 16 years ago now assists people dealing with mental health issues

Kevin Berthia traveled to the Golden Gate Bridge in 2005 to commit suicide. He ended up spending 92 minutes on the edge of the bridge talking to officer Kevin Briggs about his life. In much better circumstances, they cross paths at the same bridge ten years later.

A man whose life was saved 16 years ago when he attempted suicide at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, Kevin Berthia is now assisting those who are dealing with mental health problems.

Officer Kevin Briggs’ sympathetic voice, according to 22-year-old Berthia, helped him open up and prevent him from going from the Golden Gate Bridge.

A man who was saved from committing suicide 16 years ago weekly recess 2
Berthia and the police officer who saved his life on Golden Gate Bridge, reunited years after the suicide attempt Photo Credit: Winni Wintermeyer/Courtesy of People Magazine

Officer Briggs claimed in a report by @goodnews movement that he had never encountered something like; little did he realize, however, that he would go on to save about 200 others, earning the title of “guardian” of the bridge.

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