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Bruce Campbell converted a Boeing 727-200 into a home

In 1999, a man bought a Boeing 727-200 for $100,000 and uses it as his house, then spent another $120,000 moving it from the Hillsboro airport and setting it up on his undeveloped property.

The last thing you’d expect to see nestled in a clearing in an Oregonian forest is a Boeing 727. It’s not always a plane crash that leaves an airplane in the middle of the forest. Campbell converted an airplane into his home, and the interior is quite special. The article was first published on July 5, 2003. Electrical engineer Bruce Campell, 64, has always had a very imaginative vision. He transformed a large plot of land and an old airplane into the most extraordinary house ever. He thinks that even after they are retired, airplanes can still be used in a variety of ways. To build the one-of-a-kind home on Earth, he used his imagination, an old airplane, and a good piece of land.

In contrast to the stereotype of the typical American home, Campbell has chosen a more daring strategy. Rusty Campbell was drawn to this plane’s iconic design and decided to take on the challenge of turning it into a home. A dreamer and an engineer living in a three-engine commercial airplane home tucked away in the dense forest outside of Portland. Campbell thinks that after tidal waves have destroyed homes, retired aircraft can be used as affordable housing and as airtight, floating shelters.

The Campbells’ dreams came true when they had a retired Boeing 727 transformed into a cabin in the woods. They had to remove the plane’s wings in order to transport it. He replaced the wings after the aircraft arrived at its destination.

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The coolest trick may be the transparent floor

Every child’s dream house, Campbell’s airplane has plenty of places to climb and crawl. They have to use the original fold-down stairwell from the airplane to get into Bruce Campbell’s Boeing residence. The room is cozy but by no means claustrophobic at 1,066 interior square feet; when configured as a large studio, it feels spacious enough.

The coolest trick may be the transparent floor. The original was torn out and replaced with translucent panels, allowing visitors to see the super structure’s ribs and controlling cables running from the cockpit to the wings and tail. There is a shoe rack with many pairs of slippers for visitors. He prefers people to wear socks and slippers inside the aircraft to keep it clean. He only wears slippers and socks to move inside his house. It’s like a kid’s playground that you can live in. Campbell wanted to live a cost-effective life and paid attention to the most vital component of his aircraft: space.

The transparent floor might be the coolest trick. Visitors can now see the superstructure’s ribs and the control cables that run from the cockpit to the wings and tail thanks to the original’s destruction and replacement with transparent panels. For guests, there is a shoe rack with numerous pairs of slippers. To keep the plane clean, he prefers that passengers enter wearing socks and slippers. He only wears socks and slippers when he is inside his home. You could live in a playground, if you like. In order to live frugally, Campbell focused on the most important aspect of his craft: space. 

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Original bathrooms back online

He also restored one of the original bathrooms, though it currently only has a temporary shower.

Since the majority of new PVC water pipe is apparently produced using a lead-based catalyst, which, according to what I’ve read, leaves some lead in the polymer, I’d prefer to stay away from it. Although I am aware that the levels are very low, polyethylene seems to me to be a much better option in terms of toxics. The only drawback I can see is that it is not as widely available as PVC. But rather than using the PVC I already have, I want to be patient and try to find some 1′′ or 1.25′′ polyethylene pipe for the new underground water line. To avoid ingesting phthalates, which are an inherent component of soft PVCs and do leach out, I’ll replace any soft PVC as soon as I can locate it and in any case before drinking from it. All of the aircraft’s new internal water pipe will be made of polyethylene.

Bruce is living a simple life inside the plane despite the fact that it has plenty of room. He uses a microwave and toaster to cook and sleeps on a futon. He makes a lot of improvised equipment and primarily consumes cereal and canned food. Two functional restrooms are also on board, but the shower is the coolest feature. Near the plane’s tail is where it is constructed.

Even though Campbell had lofty goals that were almost impossible to realize, he persisted and finished building his ideal house at the age of 65. The placement of the trick doors had him smitten, and he loved the way his plane’s rotating knobs and numerous hatches looked. He was incredibly content to live in his house thanks to these special additions.

He purchased the aircraft with every component in top condition and had not given any thought to flying the vehicle. He made the most of the aircraft’s parts and used it for his own joy as well as the joy of Portland’s bustling community despite the fact that it was completely stationary.

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He paid $100,000 for his plane in 1999, then spent an additional $120,000 to move it from the Hillsboro airport and set it up on his undeveloped land.

Duplicate project again in Japan with a Boeing 747

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Campbell also intends to replicate his project using a Boeing 747 in Japan. He intends to buy a used 747 and construct a new house in Japan. He feels that changing the world for people and the environment is the purpose of his life. He gets all fired up when he thinks about recycling planes. He is happy to let curious onlookers and tourists stop by and check out his abode, saying, “My goal is to change humanity’s behavior in this little niche.” Additionally, he plans numerous events throughout the year. Additionally, he planned a concert on the grassy area under the wing of his aircraft.

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