When Boredom Strikes

This soon-to-be-closed train station in Japan only serves one passenger

Japan keeps a defunc train station operational in 2015 for the sole purpose of allowing one girl to go to school every day. Only two stops are made by the train: once when an only one high school student departs for school and once when she returns.

A touching tale is told about Kami-Shirataki Station in northern Japan. It has been on Japan Railways’ list of stations that need to close because it is seen as isolated and inactive due to the extremely low number of passengers who board and alight from it. But for the time being, the station is still open thanks to one person—a young girl.

At this isolated station, just two trains stop. She will be picked up at 7 AM and dropped off at 5 PM.

People are touched that the poor rural railways can still provide for one student in the name of her education in light of the country’s declining employment and aging population.

In recent years, more than 20 rail lines in the vicinity of Kami Shirataki station have been cut, and this route will soon be discontinued. In March, the girl will finish her education, and the station that made sure she made it to class each day will permanently close.

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