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The beauty and uniqueness of Fukang Meteorite

This Fukang meteorite is around 4.5 billion years old and weighs more than 2,000 pounds. It was discovered in China in 2014 and is assumed to have formed when our solar system initially formed.

The Fukang Meteorite like something out of an Avengers film. Guardians of the Galaxy is another option. In either case, it appears to be completely alien. Of which it is, evidently

Discovery Of The Fukang Meteorite

A hiker in 2000 found a 1,003 kilogram (2,211 lb) meteorite close to Fukang, China. It is currently the most well-known and valuable meteorite in existence.

On his other hikes, he had spotted the enormous rock. He had been interested in the metals and diamonds that appeared to be peeking through. As a result, he made the decision to chisel off portions of the rock so that they could be examined.

It was dubbed the “Fukang meteorite” and classified as a pallasite. This identifies it as a specific variety of stony-iron meteorite that is laced with eye-catching olivine (green) crystals. Pallasites make up just approximately 1% of all meteorites, making them incredibly uncommon even among meteorites. One of the most important meteorite discoveries of the twenty-first century has been Fukang.

It’s a captivating meteorite, breathtakingly gorgeous. The most intriguing extraterrestrial rock that man has ever seen, most certainly.

Fukang Meteorit 1
Photo Credit: @pixorange on Instagram

It is thought that the Fukang pallasite came from intact meteorites that were deep inside. These were produced some 4.5 billion years ago, during the solar system’s creation. It’s believed that very few specimens made it through the Earth’s atmosphere unscathed.

The Fukang Meteorite gets its name from its landing spot like many other meteorites do.

How Big Was The Original Meteorite?

Fukang Meteorit 2
Photo Credit: @komeciarz on Instagram

Over a thousand kilograms were contained in the original meteorite. Its stunning beauty was seen when they cut it into slabs. Everyone wanted a slice of this as soon as they saw it. Since then, it has been cut into dozens of tiny chunks and either dispersed or auctioned off around the globe.

Over thirty kilograms of specimens can be found at the University of Arizona. The largest piece, weighing 420 kg, is held by Marvin Kilgore of the Southwest Meteorite Center at the University of Arizona.

Experts predicted that the piece below would sell for a staggering $2 million in New York auction in 2008. Unfortunately, the potential buyers chose some preserved dinosaur poo instead of the item up for bid.

Fukang Meteorit 3
Photo Credit: @christiesinc on Instagram

What Gives Pallasite Its Distinctive Look?

Pallasite is a form of meteorite that contains transparent, golden olivine crystals, a mineral that is typically found in rocks. These brilliant colors are held within a nickel-iron honeycomb that is a stunning contrast to them. It resembles a prop from a movie.

Pallasites are composed of 50% olivine and peridot crystals and 50% nickel-iron. They are thought to be the remains of planets that once existed by scientists and researchers. What a cool thing!

Less than 1% of meteorites contain them, making them very rare. Pallasites may have their origins deep inside meteors that were still in tact when the solar system was forming 4.5 billion years ago.

Because so few specimens of the meteor have survived its entry through Earth’s atmosphere, pieces of it are incredibly valuable.

Can I Buy A Piece Of The Fukang Meteorite

Even the smallest pieces of the Fukang Meteorite fetch 20 to 30 pounds per gram due to its brilliance and value.

You can see your purchasing options here if you’re into space memorabilia enough to part with that kind of money. When you’re thinking about buying a piece of this space rock, proceed with caution.

Like with anything else, make sure to buy from reliable sites, do your homework in advance, and try to use cards rather than cash so you have some insurance!

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