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The Amazing Hanging Stone in Siberia Has Defied Gravity Since the Ice Age

The unbelievable "Hanging Stone" of Siberia weighs around 300 tons and has been hanging off a 1,000-meter cliff since the Ice Age.

Go no farther than the alluring hanging stone hidden away in Russia’s Ergaki National Park if you’re looking for breathtaking natural wonders. This amazing natural wonder, suspended in midair above a sheer 1,000-meter chasm, seems to defy the laws of gravity.

The incredible hanging stone of Ergaki National Park, Russia.

Within the Sayan mountain range in Siberia, there is a massive rock formation known as the “hanging stone” or “Visyachiy Kamen.” It is a remarkable sight. The fact that it clings precariously to the cliff face and weighs an estimated 300 tons adds to its astounding beauty. Nonetheless, this marvel of gravity defying has grown in popularity among daring tourists, and it’s only a short hike from a nearby parking lot.

The hanging stone, which has defied gravity since the last Ice Age when it was deposited here by a retreating glacier, is only one square meter in contact area with the rock face. It has aroused people’s curiosity for millennia, giving rise to innumerable myths and legends.

The hanging stone has been standing its ground, well rock, since the Ice Age

According to a fascinating legend, the hanging stone represents the beating heart of the sleeping Sayan, the taiga’s guardian spirit. This myth says that the gods took her heart and set it on the edge of the cliff. The sound of the stone is like the beat of a heart, resonating with the pure winds of the mountain.

According to another legend, if the hanging stone fell into the lake below, it would mean that Sayan, the guardian spirit, would awaken from her eternal slumber to defend her homeland. The splash that followed would wash her face clean, her face being cleansed and life being restored.

Lake Raduzhnoye with the hanging stone up on the mountain in the background. Photo: Ted.ns

But worries have been raised since a fresh fissure in this precariously positioned granite monolith may indicate its impending fall into Lake Raduzhnoye’s murky depths. The occurrence of this fissure in 2012 could potentially be attributed to either natural erosion or human activity.

Luckily, nobody has been able to move the stone. Photo: Фахразиев Альфир Магафурьянович

In fact, a group of thirty determined tourists who thought they could defy nature’s will attempted to push the stone into the aqueous chasm. Luckily, it didn’t matter because the hanging stone seems to have an innate resistance to outside influences.

The hanging stone is more than just a natural wonder; it is a part of this region’s cultural and historical legacy. It acts as a reminder of the old stories that still abound in this region and represents the mysterious charm of Siberia. Do not hesitate to see this incredible marvel in person if you want to experience this defying gravity. Time is of the essence.

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