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Chen Ami, The Bravery pigeon that saved 194 Soldier

During World War 1, a carrier Pigeon name Cher Ami was shot, blinded and had her leg blown off. She is still able to deliver the message and saved lives 194 soldiers.

The story of Cher Ami is an inspiring tale of bravery and determination involving a homing pigeon during World War I. Cher Ami, which means “dear friend” in French, served as a carrier pigeon for the U.S. Army Signal Corps in France.

During the war, Cher Ami played a crucial role in delivering messages between the front lines and the headquarters. On October 3, 1918, in the midst of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, a unit of the 77th Infantry Division known as the “Lost Battalion” found themselves trapped behind enemy lines. The battalion was surrounded by German forces, and their situation was dire.

Desperate for reinforcements and supplies, the Lost Battalion attempted to communicate their predicament via carrier pigeons. Several pigeons were dispatched, but unfortunately, they were shot down or killed in the process. Cher Ami, however, managed to make it through enemy fire and take flight.

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Despite being wounded by enemy fire, Cher Ami continued to fly towards the Allied lines, covering a distance of approximately 25 miles. The pigeon’s leg had been shot off, and its breast was punctured by a bullet, but it persevered in delivering its crucial message.

Upon its arrival at the Allied lines, the message attached to Cher Ami was recovered. It contained vital information about the Lost Battalion’s location and the dire circumstances they faced. Thanks to Cher Ami’s determination, the trapped soldiers were eventually rescued and brought to safety.

Cher Ami became a symbol of bravery and devotion during the war. In recognition of its extraordinary service, the pigeon was awarded the French Croix de Guerre, a prestigious military honor. Cher Ami’s story inspired many and highlighted the invaluable contributions of carrier pigeons in wartime communication.

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Chen Ami cause of Death?

Sadly, due to its injuries, Cher Ami did not survive long after the war. It died on June 13, 1919, and its preserved body is now displayed at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. The memory of Cher Ami lives on as a testament to the incredible courage displayed by animals in times of conflict.

Who saved Chen Ami?

Cher Ami saved the trapped soldiers of the Lost Battalion during World War I. The Lost Battalion was a unit of the 77th Infantry Division that found themselves surrounded by German forces behind enemy lines during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. The battalion was cut off from friendly forces and in a dire situation, running out of supplies and ammunition.

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Cher Ami, the carrier pigeon, was sent out with a message from the Lost Battalion to request reinforcements and inform the Allied forces of their location and predicament. Despite being shot and wounded during its flight, Cher Ami successfully made it through enemy fire and delivered the crucial message to the Allied lines.

Thanks to Cher Ami’s brave flight and the information it carried, the trapped soldiers of the Lost Battalion were eventually rescued. The message provided the Allied forces with the vital details they needed to locate and assist the soldiers, leading to their safe extraction from behind enemy lines.

Cher Ami’s heroic actions and its delivery of the message played a pivotal role in saving the lives of the soldiers of the Lost Battalion.

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