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A man faked his death in 2016 after his Mexican wife plotted to kill him by paying a hitman $2,000

In 2016, a guy faked his death after his Mexican wife plotted to murder him by hiring a hitman $2,000. He cooperated with the FBI to create fake murder images, which landed his wife in jail for 20 years.

After his wife hired a hitman to kill him, the man decided to stage his own death. He describes how his wife “laughed like a lottery winner” when she thought her plot had worked.

Ramon Sosa, 55, of Houston, Texas, spoke about how he resisted the bizarre plan to get rid of him in 2016 on This Morning on Wednesday. He also admitted that he wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix contacted him about producing a series about his life.

He explained to the hosts of the daytime program, Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, how he collaborated with Houston, Texas, police to apprehend his Mexican wife Lulu after she offered to have him killed for $2,000 by a former client of her husband’s.

A man faked his death in 2016 after his Mexican wife plotted to kill him 1
Ramon Sosa, from Houston, faked own death in 2016 to put his Mexican wife Lulu behind bars after she plotted to have him killed when their relationship soured. Photo Credit: PA Real life/Ramon Sosa

Sosa, a boxing coach who owns his own gym, staged his own brutal murder as part of a complex sting operation to catch her. He even staged photos of himself lying in a ditch with what appeared to be a bullet wound to his head.

Lola, a native of Mexico City who married Sosa and received US citizenship in 2013, is currently serving a 20-year sentence for attempted murder.

Ramos revealed to the program that on the day of their wedding, on March 15, 2010, his mother-in-law gave him a terrifying warning about her daughter.

A man faked his death in 2016 after his Mexican wife plotted to kill him 2
Boxing coach Ramon Sosa staged his own murder and posed up for this picture of his ‘corpse’ after working with the FBI to snare Lulu. Photo Credit: PA Real life/Ramon Sosa

He spoke to the hosts via video chat from Houston and said: “We met in a salsa club in Houston and danced the night away.” While we were dating, she treated me like a queen; she was a lovely person.

The first warning sign in my relationship with Lulu came when her mother approached me on the day of our wedding and said, “Now she’s your trouble.” Though surprised, I was glad to get married.

Years ago, when Lulu, a mother of two, sided with her eldest son in disputes, issues occurred.

Her son aspired to be the head of the household. As long as I’m providing for you and putting food on the table, there’s only one guy in the house, I told him, but Lulu was always on his side.

A man faked his death in 2016 after his Mexican wife plotted to kill him 3
Lulu admitted solicitation of murder and was jailed for 20 years in October 2016. Photo Credit: PA Real life/Ramon Sosa

Sosa said on the program how he learned of a murderous plot against him when his acquaintance, an ex-gang member dubbed “Gustavo,” disclosed she intended to hire him to shoot him in the head.

Before the two presented their testimony to the police, he added, “He was like a third son to me and agreed to record their meetings.”

He prepared an image where he posed in a grave with a fake gunshot hole in his head to make it appear as though he had been slain as part of their scheme to arrest her.

Texas Rangers applied bloodied makeup to Sosa with FBI assistance, giving the impression that he had been shot in the temple.

Then, after driving him to a desert in Texas, they dug a shallow grave for him and placed him there. After that, he spent three days hiding out underground, leading his loved ones to worry that he had vanished.

Lulu was shown the image by an FBI agent who was acting undercover. When she saw them, she chuckled before being taken into custody.

Sosa expressed his anguish at seeing her imprisoned for the crimes, saying: “I have so much rage, but so much sadness.” We formerly had a romantic relationship, and I believed I would marry her and live with her forever.

A man faked his death in 2016 after his Mexican wife plotted to kill him 4
The moment Lulu was arrested by police shortly after the fake photos were shown to her appearing to document her plot had worked. Photo Credit: PA Real life/Ramon Sosa
A man faked his death in 2016 after his Mexican wife plotted to kill him 5
Sosa worked with the FBI to stage this photograph. They drove out to the Texan desert where he lay in a shallow grave. Photo Credit: PA Real life/Ramon Sosa

It dawned on me that I continued to share a home with the person who was plotting my death.

I tried to appear as “normal” as I could while sleeping with the enemy and with one eye open so that Lulu would be able to carry out her plan. He told The Sun that it was the only way to catch her in the act.

He described the act of staging the photo as “chilling.” Absolutely and unimaginably scary.

“That image still serves as a reminder of one of the hardest things I have ever accomplished in my life.” It’s mind-boggling to consider that I might be found in my underwear with a bullet hole in my temple, buried in a shallow grave.

Even though their marriage and divorce were “difficult,” Sosa claimed that he never, ever for a second imagined that she would try to have him assassinated.

A man faked his death in 2016 after his Mexican wife plotted to kill him 6
Police officers painted bloody makeup on Mr Sosa, so it looked as though he had been shot. Photo Credit: PA Real life/Ramon Sosa

In retrospect, I can tell you that she not only wanted to kill me but had been preparing for some time to ruin the life I had fought so hard to create.

I can honestly state that I am incredibly lucky to still be alive after receiving all the evidence that the police had gathered from Lulu.

I Walked On My Own Grave, his latest book, was published in an effort to inspire more men to come forward and share their experiences as domestic abuse victims.

Whether it involves physical, psychological, or emotional abuse, please get help right now.

I had the good fortune to endure an abusive relationship. Lulu spent months attempting to ruin my life.

“When all of her schemes fell through, she made the decision to have me killed. I have devoted my life to public speaking and supporting domestic abuse victims, he said.

In October 2016, Lulu was sentenced to 20 years in prison after entering a guilty plea to soliciting a murder in the District Court in Conroe, Texas.

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