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A little girl survived a 1-hour submersion in freezing creek water

On June 10, 1986, two-and-a-half-year-old Michelle Funk fell into an icy creek and was submerged for 66 minutes. When rescuers pulled her out of the water, she was not breathing, had no pulse, and appeared lifeless. The doctors used various techniques to rewarm her blood and bring her back to life. She was successfully resuscitated and went on to lead a healthy life.

After a tardy start to Summer, the birds were singing, the bees were buzzing, and mum’s voice from the phone wafted through the hot June air.

Her calming voice helped her blond-haired toddler feel secure enough to explore the backyard’s size and take in its vibrant hues.

A beautifully painted butterfly, which was drifting into focus for the child with keen eyes, contrasted the green foliage.

Michelle Funk, who is two and a half years old, was in awe as the eyes on the butterfly’s wings waved back. She jumped to grab hold of the floating beauty. The butterfly continued to flitter in the direction of the gushing water.

Could the brave child catch the insect before the grassy barrier that delineated the garden’s edge put an end to the pursuit? Her mother’s voice was now almost completely obscured by the splashing of the chilly water below.

She finally got her chance when the butterfly dipped by chance just in time for Michelle to swing her tiny arms up and snare her prey.

However, as she disappeared beneath the grass blades and toward the water’s edge, the ground treacherously slid downward, and Michelle’s alert older brother hurried back to the house. Her face had briefly turned from triumph to alarm.

Michelle fell through the grass and over the edge at the Bells Canyon Creek bank. Her gurgling cries went unanswered since no one was nearby. Michelle sank under the mountain meltwater as the warm sun rays glistened off it.

A little girl survived a 1 hour submersion in freezing creek water 1
Michelle drowned in the Bells Canyon Creek for over an hour. Photo Credit:

Her flame was barely flickering and her skin had turned a ghostly white as the minutes passed. After 66 minutes, a rescuer finally in removing her blue, lifeless body from the 40°F (-4°C) water. Could she even be saved? It was worthwhile to try if there was even a remote chance.

She was taken urgently to the hospital, where Dr. Bolte was waiting. Michelle had drowned because of the length of time she had spent underwater. Knowing how long she had been underwater, many doctors would have pronounced her dead upon arrival; in fact, some of them thought Bolte was crazy for even considering the possibility that she might survive.

However, there was one thing working in her favor: rather than sealing her fate, the icy submersion had slowed her metabolism to the point where her body’s oxygen requirements had been met. Dr. Bolte had, by chance, been preparing for such an emergency for months. He and his group got to work right away.

Though they began squeezing warmed air through a tube into Michelle’s lungs and injecting warm fluids into her veins and stomach, three hours after the child had fallen into the creek she was still lifeless. Michelle’s parents and medical professionals feared that resuscitation would only return her to a vegetative state. They kept going.

Bolte, however, allowed himself to believe there was still hope for the poor little thing when her body temperature reached 25 Celcius (77 Fahrenheit) and a faint heartbeat was detected. Immediately after she gasped, she opened her eyes. To everyone’s delight and high fives, her pupils then shrank in response to the bright lights in the operating room, showing that her brain function was returning.

MIchelle was saved, made a full recovery, and suffered no long-term cognitive harm. Even the formal American Medical Association Journal referred to Michelle Funk’s case as “miraculous.”

The protocol for handling previously fatal drowning cases was developed as a result of her treatment.

Conclusion: Michelle Funk’s amazing will to survive and thrive

Michelle Funk’s remarkable journey of survival is evidence of her unwavering toughness and resolve. She resisted letting her circumstances define her despite the fact that the odds were stacked against her. Anyone facing hardship can find inspiration in Michelle’s tenacity and unwavering spirit, which serves as a reminder that we have the ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

The people who hear about Michelle’s survival will never forget it. It highlights the value of water safety, the necessity of emergency planning, and the strength of community support. We can make the world safer for everyone by taking lessons from Michelle’s experience and putting preventive measures in place. Her story will live on and continue to inspire people and communities alike, serving as a constant reminder of the resilience of the human spirit.

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