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Man uses first-class ticket to eat for free at airport's VIP lounge for almost a year

A Chinese man purchased a First Class Ticket, which included admission to a VIP Lounge with free food. Over the course of a year, he rescheduled over 300 times in order to receive over 300 free dinners. When questioned, it was discovered that he is rescheduling his reservation to another date after eating. He eventually cancelled the ticket and got a full refund.

A Chinese man purchased a first-class plane ticket and rebooked it 300 times in order to receive free meals at a VIP club at a local airport.

The frequent diner bought a first-class, fully refundable ticket on Eastern China Airlines and then rebooked his ticket multiple times to get free meals.

According to a report in Malaysia’s Chinese-language newspaper Kwong Wah Yit Poh, he used the ticket to get admission to the Xi’an International Airport’s VIP lounge, where high-rolling travelers dine for free.

The man repeatedly rebooked his first-class ticket to keep the money train moving.

According to the newspaper report, Eastern China Airlines personnel just recently discovered the man’s scam after spotting his single ticket being re-booked 300 times in a year.

Officials from the airline said they couldn’t do anything to stop the frequent diner.

The airline’s spokeswoman dubbed the man’s free-meal program as an “unusual activity.”

Officials from Eastern China Airlines questioned him, and the human meal ticket stopped eating.

The freeloader was able to cash in his fully refundable ticket and receive his entire refund.

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