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Australian man dies, comes back to life, and wins the lottery twice

Bill Morgan, an Australian, is a man who has beat the odds. He escaped death by surviving a horrific automobile accident and heart attack before collapsing into a coma and going on to win the lotto twice. He went from losing virtually everything to winning far more than he could have imagined.

This is without a doubt one of our favorite lottery stories. Let’s start at the beginning, when Bill’s luck appeared to be running out.

Australian man dies comes back to life and wins the lottery twice 1
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Australian Bill Morgan Dies

Bill Morgan, an Australian truck driver, was engaged in a truck accident in 1998 that nearly killed him. He luckily survived the crash, but as a result of it, he suffered a heart attack. He was then brought to the emergency hospital, where he was given a medicine that caused his body to have a severe allergic reaction, causing his heart to stop beating.

Bill Morgan had passed away. But, in a bizarre turn of events, that wasn’t the end of his story.

Bill was awakened after being clinically dead for more than 14 minutes, although he remained comatose. For more than a week, he had been in a vegetative state, and physicians recommended his family to remove him from life support. But it’s a good thing they didn’t.

Bill Morgan’s First Miracle

Bill miraculously awoke after 12 days and went on to make a full recovery. He was quite fortunate to have escaped the incident with no significant health issues.

Bill was positive about the future now that he had a new outlook on life. He eventually found a new job and got the confidence to propose to Lisa Wells, his girlfriend. She gladly agreed.

Bill Morgan’s Lottery Win

Australian man dies comes back to life and wins the lottery twice 2
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Bill Morgan decided to try his luck at the lottery after his engagement. He bought a scratch-off ticket and won an automobile, which was valued around A$17,000 at the time. Bill was excited, as one might assume.

A Melbourne news station was quick to notice this fortunate change of events. They chose Bill’s tale to cover, and this is where things become really interesting.

Bill bought another scratch-off ticket while filming a recreation of his win, which turned out to be his biggest surprise yet: he had just won A$250k on live television!

Bill screams, “I just won two hundred and fifty thousand dollars!” He continues, “I’m not joking.” He calls Lisa Wells, visibly excited, to inform her of the big news.

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