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Apple Watch saves a 78 year old man from life threatening fall

An Apple watch saved the life of a 78-year-old man from North Carolina. When the man was unconscious and collapsed on his driveway, his Apple watch quickly sent an alert to emergency services.

The Apple Watch’s Fall Detector has saved another life. An Apple Watch wearer fainted in front of a hot stove in 2018. He connected his Apple Watch to his iPhone (which was in the next room) and dialed his mother-in-number, the law’s who drove him to the hospital.

But that was then, and according to Fox8 News in North Carolina, 78-year-old Mike Yager was in his Summerfield driveway when he experienced a heavy fall. Fall Detection is activated by default on Yager’s Apple Watch because he is over 65. By tapping his wrist and blaring an alert, the device attempted to rouse him. Mike’s Apple Watch contacted 911 and requested medical assistance from the Summerfield Fire Department while providing his location because he hadn’t moved in over 45 seconds.

Yager owns and wears an Apple Watch, but it doesn’t appear as he knows much about it. After being resurrected by the firemen called by his Apple Watch. Yager had a conversation with one of them. “The first question I asked him was, ‘How did you guys know to come here?’ He said, ‘Your watch sent us a message,’ to which I replied, ‘What?’ “

Mike’s wife Lori points out that things might have gone differently if the Apple Watch hadn’t made calls to her husband’s contacts. “I think the fact that it called when he was unconscious is important,” she explained, “since I wasn’t expected to go home for another couple hours and who knows what would have happened when I got home.”

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