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A man who has been suffering from headaches for nearly six months discovers chopsticks lodged in his brain

When it was discovered that a Vietnamese man with headaches and vision problems had chopsticks lodged in his brain, the doctors were almost as surprised as the man himself.

Everything began last week when the 35-year-old man—who has not been identified—was taken to the emergency department following months of experiencing headaches, blurred vision, and fluid leakage.

When the doctors asked him if he knew anything that might be causing his health problems, he was unable to come up with an explanation.

Staff at the Cuba Friendship Hospital in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh province, performed a CT scan in an attempt to determine what was going on.

Doctors found the man had tension pneumocephalus, a neurosurgical emergency typically brought on by head trauma, according to

Doctors were shocked to discover the chopsticks. Credit: Vietnam Cuba Hospital

When the doctors looked more closely, they saw something strange inside the man’s brain: two broken chopsticks that were sticking out of his nose and into his skull.

Even though it’s hard to imagine, it’s apparently possible for someone to walk around with two wooden sticks stuck in their nose and not notice them.

Though it’s not a frequent occurrence, you shouldn’t start worrying that you have a chopstick up there the next time your nose gets blocked.

The man’s family stated that they thought the chopsticks must have gotten stuck up there during a fight the man had about five months prior after learning about them.

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When the injured man was brought to the hospital, the doctors were unable to find the broken chopsticks lodged in his brain, so there were no reported abnormalities on his nose.

he man didn’t realize the chopsticks had broken in his nose. Credit: Pixabay

The patient acknowledged that he couldn’t recall every detail of the altercation, but he did believe something had been stabbed into his face when he discovered what was causing his headaches.

Considering the new information, he thinks the guy he was battling with had to have inserted the chopsticks into his nose at some point during the altercation.

The man had a consultation following the strange discovery, and then an endoscopic procedure through the nose was performed to remove the offending sticks.

Although he is currently receiving recuperation care in a hospital, his condition is reportedly stable.

The head of the Vietnamese hospital’s neurosurgery department, Dr. Nguyen Van Man, described the case as “extremely uncommon.”

I really ought to hope so!

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